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Hello. My name is Wesley.

This whole photography thing started in an unconventional way: managing a band. We’d be on the road playing shows and needed someone to take pictures to post to social media because duhhh. The responsibility fell to me.

It proved to be an accelerated training ground, honing my skills in dark venues and bars with lights flashing and people moving all over the stage. I totally got hooked and haven’t looked back.

With band photography, the name of the game is 1) avoiding cliches and 2) making the band look really cool, but also 3) not looking like you’re trying too hard.

I’ve found that these principles map pretty well onto everything else I shoot. Especially portraits, lifestyle, and couples. So I always try to be creative, make you look your best, and make sure that you feel like yourself.

If that’s something that sounds good to you, let's take some pictures.