Lauren Self

One of the most interesting photoshoots I’ve ever done. At one point during the shoot, I felt some discomfort crouching and kneeling where I was. My legs were hurting. And then I looked into my viewfinder and remembered that Lauren Self was twisting and bending in ways that, 15 minutes earlier, I thought were literally impossible.

Trey + Kass

Another blustery photo shoot where we freeze our butts off and the pictures still turn out. Trey and Kass both won MVP awards for this one.

Spencer + Natalie

None of these pictures should’ve turned out. It was cold, rainy, and super windy outside. But leave it to Spencer and Natalie to still somehow manage pulling off being photogenic.

Oliver + Morgan

Good pictures are easy to get with people this pretty.

We took these at the base of Mount Charleston in Lee Canyon, an ideal setting for high-desert with a little snow.