Wesley Tingey

Hi. That's my name right up there: Wesley.

Twenty-four hours before I got married, I impulsively drove to Best Buy and blew definitely too much money on a camera. It was the dying breath of a bachelor, but turned out to be the beginning of something else.

That was over two years ago. Since then, I've taken thousands of photos. Most of them are of my cat, but whatever.

Occasionally, if a photo I took looked pretty good, I would upload it to this website called Unsplash. It's a gigantic repository of public domain photos where anyone can download content and use it for free.

I just thought it was fun. 

But then I started seeing my photos in places the internet. It started out with the occasional mommy blog. Then some bigger blogs. Soon, it was major media outlets like Forbes and Huffington Post.

I thought that was pretty neat.

Then I saw one on a book cover. Others landed on album covers. I spied others still on random product labels and packaging. I even saw one on the back of my own concert ticket.

Before I knew it, my photos had been viewed on Unsplash by tens of millions of people, with thousands upon thousands of downloads all over the world.

It was kind of surreal. What started out as a hobby started to feel more serious.

It dawned on me that maybe I should do this for real.  That's what people kept telling me, anyway. (Yeah, my mom. But like, other people.) I had always hesitated calling myself a photographer. There was something about it that always felt a little too... pretentious. Unmerited. Like someone who likes to sing calling themselves a singer. (Like GTFO, am I right?)

But... if Forbes magazine and my mom think I'm a photographer, then... maybe I am?

So here it goes. I'm doing it. I've got a website. I've even got a pretentious logo up there in the top left corner. That's commitment right there.

I like to keep things simple:

  • I do two gigs a month because this is only a part time thing for me.
  • Each gig is two hours.
  • Two wardrobe changes (starting to see a theme here?).
  • The price? You guessed it: $200
  • You'll get 200 photos. (That's a lot of photos.)